This blog was started as a way to capture my impressions and ideas while I was spending time in Ireland for the first time.  Because I was only planning on spending a year in the emerald isle, I didn’t want to limit the topic to just Ireland, so I also used the space to write on some topics that I find myself passionate about.  Some of these topics I found to go beyond the technical know-how of my friends in casual conversation, so my intent with most of the technically minded posts is to break it down for the average Joe, and discuss things in such a way that the average person (who may know nothing of the Interwebs or how the series of tubes function) can understand.


The Remix!

Now that my partner and I are travelling around Europe and Asia for the next year or more, I’m brushing off the dust on this site and using it to record our experiences on the road.  Stay tuned for more updates and further changes!

The Partner

Well hi there! I’m Kitty, Reuben partner in all things. I’ll be updating the site with the youtube videos I’ll be doing of our adventure, and maybe the odd post. Hi!


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