Onward to Spain!

June 17 (Sunday) After a somewhat restful sleep the previous night — our Airbnb host decided that midnight was a perfect time to start cleaning the bathroom directly beside our room whilst carrying on a loud conversation on the phone (wtf?!?) — we packed our things and got prepped to leave Bordeaux.  Stopping by the... Continue Reading →


Beautiful Bordeaux, with Wonderful Wines!

June 16th (Saturday) In anticipation of a very full day, Kitty and I woke up early and headed into the city centre.  We had hoped to grab a bike from one of the many bike stations around Bordeaux, but as we could not find one near our Airbnb, we hopped on the city bus instead. ... Continue Reading →

Paris: Hype and Happenstance

June 13 (Wednesday) Monday and Tuesday were pretty uneventful.  During the day, Kitty was busy working, whilst I caught up with writing, emails, and news, and our evenings were split between planning our next points of interest, chatting with other hostel guests, and watching the goings on of E3.  Tuesday morning we did see a... Continue Reading →

Royal Stomping Grounds

June 9th (Saturday) We awoke well-rested to the sun slipping ever so slightly through the shutters of our dorm room window.  After getting showered and ready for the day, we popped around the corner to the bakery for breakfast goodies - a mix of viennoise choco (a small brioche loaf with chocolate chips), eclairs, and... Continue Reading →

Allons-y! (Let’s Go!)

June 7th (Thursday) The big day.  We left London early in the morning and set out for the Eurotunnel (also known as the Channel Tunnel, or "Chunnel" for short).  It took us nearly an hour just to get out of London -- another reason why I despise large cities! -- but with our ticket booked... Continue Reading →

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